Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the RainBrenna’s beloved adoptive mother is dead and her birth mother wants nothing to do with her. Grief-stricken, Brenna tries to care for her father and younger sister while reaching out to her biological aunt. The last thing she expects is to fall in love, but Ryan is the one person who knows what Brenna needs in order to move beyond her grief into a place of peace.

Dancing in the Rain continues the story that began in Dancing Naked.

Orca Book Publishers 2013


“Dancing in the Rain is an uplifting, heartwarming book that reminds young readers to look outside themselves for support when times get hard. Hrdlitschka sprinkles some good guidance around, showing her characters making good and not-so-good choices from which they learn. Everybody hurts, and nobody’s life is perfect—not even in the end. But it’s real. And there’s a real beauty in that.” Alex Van Tol, BC Bookworld

“While Hrdlitschka revisits the setting of Dancing Naked, this is not a typical sequel; reading the first book is not necessary to understand this one.” Quill & Quire

“Explores the realistic truth that not all relationships can be mended while also offering healing and hope.” Kirkus Review

“This book could be a good read for young teens who recently lost a parent and are looking for ways to heal.” Canadian Children’s Book News.

Starred review in the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s BEST BOOKS for Kids & Teens


Just like her character in Dancing in the Rain, Shelley likes to snowshoe and feed whisky jacks.

Reader Reactions

“I’m only on page 45 and have had tears twice!!  You are so gifted!! CAN WE MAKE IT A TRILOGY?!  This book is sooooo good! I love the ending – everything rounds out nicely and realistically. I love how when I read this book it is like a movie going through my head.  This will be a best seller!  I’m emailing Phyllis and telling her to order copies into kidsbooks!! Well done!” Sue Gordon, Retired teacher and Kidsbooks employee

“Dancing in the Rain is a perfect book. I finished it last night and loved every moment of reading it. After chapters one and two, I was sobbing but completely engaged. You developed Brenna and Ryan’s relationship so sweetly and the Grouse Mtn setting of their romance makes it extra special. I really like how you didn’t let us off the hook concerning the heartache surrounding Joanna’s death and the adoption but nevertheless gave us hope…..a terrific bitter sweet ending that seems to leave the door open for a follow-up book.  I could go on and on, but I’ll leave off for now with just adding that I found the chapter epigraphs insightful and inspiring.” Leslie Martin

“I shed quite a few tears while reading your book. Obviously there has to be a third book so we can carry on the story. Shelley Hrdlitschka’s Dancing Trilogy!  Get on it my dear!  Keep Dancing!! Just wish there had been books like this when I was a teen. Those characters are living with me right now, I’m so fond of them all!” Susan Chubb

“Oh Shelley Shelley Shelley! I barely know what to say besides thank you for writing Dancing in the Rain. Wow… I have JUST finished your book. I laughed, I shrieked, and I most definitely bawled my eyes out. You wrote such a beautiful, emotional, truthful, heart wrenchingly wonderful follow up. I could not have ask for anything more.I will be honest, there were parts that were incredibly emotional for me to read. So much of my own life’s experiences could connect with this story. I found myself looking back over my own life and my adoption and how that got me to where I am. And who I am. So many of the questions Brenna had for Kia, I too once had about my own “other” life. I could honestly talk about this for hours. I am just so happy and thankful for this book. I think it has really hit a spot for me and I know I will hold it dear forever.” Christy Brain

“I am impressed each time I read one of your books with the way you are able to enter into the inner world of your protagonists’ thinking and feeling, their inner dialogues.  You have a wonderful ability to create complex characters with complex feeling states!  I appreciated the quotes at the beginning of each chapter.  Many of them really spoke to me.I liked that everything didn’t get tied up in a neat bundle at the end.   And I could go on!  One more: I really liked how you handled the fresh intensity of young love, Brenna’s early doubts and fears, etc.” Dr. Nonie Lyon

I just finished reading Dancing in the Rain. I absolutely loved it.  Your books always make me so emotional and yes I did cry in parts! I just had to tell you that you are an amazing writer..you definitely found your true passion in writing and connecting with many different situations. Monica

“I found this book to be a real page turner from beginning to end and highly recommend this read! Five Stars!!” Karen Upper (Goodreads)