GotchaIt’s ‘bead season’ at Slippery Rock High. This year the bead-snatching grad game called Gotcha has been banned as an official school activity because the teachers have decided to put an end to what they consider a dangerous tradition. The game goes underground, and more grads than ever are participating.

The game quickly spins out of control, and Katie finds herself losing friends and falling victim to her classmates’ obsession with Gotcha. She considers dropping out of the game but then devises a better way of getting even with her classmates.

Orca Book Publishers, 2008

Awards and Recognitions

White Pine Nominee, 2009
Resource Links Best Bet, 2008
Ontario Librarian Association Best Bet, 2008
Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award nominee

“…teen readers will thoroughly enjoy reading this novel.” Resource Links

“…a fast-paced and thrilling read for older teens, looking closely at the mob mentality, and how even the smartest of people can get swept away.” Canadian Children’s Book News

“…Shelley Hrdlitschka writes with such brilliant pose it’s as if she’s a teenager herself. She understands the high school dynamic very well. She knows that friendships don’t last forever and that people whom you once had an alliance with, can turn their back on you in a heartbeat, both scenarios reflected in this novel.” Teen Review