Rainbow Reunion

Written by Shelley Hrdlitschka
Illustrated by Julie Fox

Rainbow Reunion is a playful beach romp that celebrates cultural diversity within one family.

Levi the Lifeguard is confused when all the families that approach him are looking for the same woman but they all know her by a different names.

What do you call your Grandmother?

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Reader Responses:

“It is so beautifully rendered, story and illustrations.” (Nonie Lyon)

It’s s big hit!!!! He (6 year-old Carter) really loved it.  It  started a wonderful discussion  about how she could be the Grandma to all those kids.  It was so good that I could say it was like our family. He thought that was great. He was very interested in all the little details in the illustrations too, the different little animals, etc. Lots going on in those pictures and I noticed he actually spent a long time studying them, more time than he spends with most books.
As predicted he loved the repetition of the description of the Grandma.
It’s a book we will read many times. (Susan Chubb)

I just picked up the book and read it with a huge smile on my face and tears in my “Nana” eyes!! It’s delightful and beautiful and sweet and…gorgeous!!! I love it and am so honoured to have a copy to share with my wee Georgia (one day) and my Rayna next time she’s visiting. You see, I can soooo relate as I am her Nei Nei but go by Nana now. She is half Chinese! So many of our friends have mixed grands now and so your beautiful book is very timely and precious. We are living in a Rainbow world now, for sure! I hope that you will become a Grandma/Nana/Nonna/Oma/Bibi…one day too! There’s nothing like it! (Diana Kendel Wilkes)

It is a delightful story enhanced by the colourful, captivating paintings.  I like how the story not only celebrates cultural diversity in a natural setting but also demonstrates that there is more than one way to be a hero. (Julie)