Tangled Web

Tangled WebSeparated at birth and only reunited through circumstance and a savage crime, fifteen-year-old twins Alex and Tanner are slowly getting to know each other and becoming accustomed to the idea of being brothers, albeit brothers with barely controllable psychic abilities. While spending their summer vacation together they find that their past has resurfaced and they are in danger – again! The boys concoct a daring plan to save themselves and bring down the threatening criminal gang at the same time.

First introduced in Disconnected (Orca, 1998) Alex and Tanner learn that while blood ties are important, the connections we develop through daily interaction are just as crucial, especially when the going gets tough. Tangled Web is a gripping tale of family loyalty and the importance of doing the right thing,no matter the cost.

Orca Book Publishers, 2000

Awards and Recognitions
BC 2000 Book Award

“Exciting and fast-moving, the action will keep readers engaged.” School Library Journal

“In this fast-paced sequel to Disconnected, Hrdlitschka maintains plot momentum and adds some satisfying new complications for 15-year-old telepathic twins, Alex and Tanner.” Booklist