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I just heard the sweetest sound…

…the laughter of two of my daughters, together, making breakfast.167059_638015505813_116205298_36853301_84337_n

It’s a sound I once took for granted.

All three of my daughters have ‘flown the coop’ in various ways and for various lengths of time, for work, for school, and one now has her own home. I see each of them as often as I can, but because they have lived in different parts of the world, these two daughters have not sat at my table, together, for two whole years.

What a lovely sound it was. And how much lovelier it will be when I have all three of them together over the Xmas holidays.

The sound of them laughing together is not something I will ever take for granted  again.

A letter to my grown daughters ~

Thank-you-BannerMy dear girls:

Thank you … for never coming home with green or purple hair, stretched earlobes, shaved heads or excessive piercings and tattoos. I would have loved you just the same, but still….

Thank you … for not bringing home too many stray cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, pot-bellied pigs, parrots or fish. You know how hard it would have been for me to turn them away.

Thank you … for keeping me in the dark about things I did not want to know.

Thank you … for sharing with me all the things I did want to know.

Thank you … for not bringing home a baby before you were ready to raise it yourself. It would have been loved, of course, but life is easier this way.

Thank you … for making me laugh so often.

Thank you … for not making me cry too often. Continue reading

I loved you the most

To my dear daughters,2008 Xmas Cruise115

Years from now, when I am gone, I want you each to believe that I loved you the most. Because I do.

I know, a person might think you can only love ONE person the most, but once you have children you discover how that is so not true. You may not fully understand this until you have children of your own.

A friend once told me the story of how she was in a car with her three brothers on their way to their mother’s memorial service. It was an emotional day, and a time for sharing secrets. My friend told her brothers, “I have always felt guilty because it was clear that Mom loved me the most. I was her only daughter.” Continue reading