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Real Men Shoot With Cameras

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“Trophy hunting is not about obtaining wild meat in a sustainable, environmentally sound way. It’s about killing large predators for the purpose of self-gratification and self-aggrandizement.” (The Vancouver Sun)

I don’t get it. Grizzly bears have a ‘special concern’ designation in Canada, they’re threatened in the US and yet trophy hunting is still legal here in BC. What’s with that? And what kind of ‘trophy’ is a grizzly bear head anyway?

It’s not the economic benefits… bear-viewing draws significantly more tourists to our province each year than bear-hunting.  We recoil in horror when we hear of rhinos and elephants being slaughtered for their tusks, but do we boycott establishments that hang bear or moose heads on their walls?

Let’s show the world that we are a province that treasures our wildlife. Ban trophy hunting now, and promote bear-viewing. Shoot wildlife with cameras.

Most Stolen Library Book

dancingnakedA few years ago a couple teacher librarians in Ontario told me that I ‘won the prize’ for being the author with the title most likely to be stolen from their school libraries. That book was Dancing Naked.

Today I was reminded by a school librarian in Nanaimo, BC, that Dancing Naked was the book most often stolen out of her library too.

I don’t condone stealing library books. Absolutely not.

emarrassed chimpThat said, I’m embarrassed to admit how much this little honour pleases me.

Dear Mr. Squirrel,

squirrelCould we make a deal?

When I planted those 100 tulip bulbs on a grey November day, I had visions of a wild burst of colour come spring. Oh, how I love tulips! So how was I to know that you also love tulips? Or tulip bulbs, I should say. What a feast you’ve had this winter… there are only about 20 tulips poking through, and today I caught you red-handed, or should I say red-pawed, sitting on my fence, eating the bulb from one of those tender new shoots that you’d ripped out of the soil. Oh my, it broke my heart.tulips

So here’s what I propose. I will leave out a plate of peanuts for you each day if you will leave my remaining few tulip shoots alone.

Do we have a deal?

Ps. please don’t tell your friends about this arrangement.