Did you hear about the Red Alert in this week’s news?

Probably not. Most of us didn’t.

World Meteorological Organization is “sounding the Red Alert to the world.”

In his newsletter for Canada’s National Observer, climate correspondent Chris Hatch quotes the World Meteorological Organization (WMO): “The state of the climate in 2023 gave ominous new significance to the phrase ‘off the charts.’ He said the WMO officially certified last year as the hottest on record by a freakishly wide margin.

Hatch continues. “If you didn’t hear about the WMO “sounding the ‘Red Alert'” it’s probably because it barely made the news. The weekend weather forecast gets more coverage than a global red alert from the world’s meteorologists. Instead, we are inundated with articles and commentary gloating over the plight of carbon pricing or counselling strategic retreat on that policy.”

What is the main-stream media’s role in our apparent apathy, or even ignorance on the climate crisis?  That so many of us are blissfully unaware of the consequences of climate chaos is at least partly because main-steam media outlets aren’t giving us the whole truth. Stories of flooding and wildfires are covered, the words ‘climate change’ are suggested as a possible reasons for these catastrophes, but there’s no sense of urgency, no suggestion that world leaders are talking  too much and not acting nearly fast enough. If we don’t actively search out information (ie. the facts (not cliches) about the carbon tax) we won’t get accurate information and may believe that someone else is going to fix the climate emergency.

I’ve recently turned to Canada’s National Observer, The Guardian and The Tyee for more in-depth reporting.  Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Did you hear about the Red Alert in this week’s news?

  1. Brian Mulligan

    “Save the Planet?” Please. It’s been around for billions of years. It’ll outlast humans because they are a selfish species that are on the extinctions list. While we’re here, greed surpression needs to be initiated with a global restructuring of monatary policy. Dump it. Replace bitcoin, and all other currencies with one NFT that rewards only global social values. Easypeasy. Let AI figure it out, humans can’t.

    Excuse my rant. Like always, this was a good read, Shelley.

    1. Shelley Hrdlitschka Post author

      Rant away Brian! I love how/what you think. I had to look up NFT. What a concept, rewarding global social values. I always learn from you. Thank you!

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