I loved you the most

To my dear daughters,2008 Xmas Cruise115

Years from now, when I am gone, I want you each to believe that I loved you the most. Because I do.

I know, a person might think you can only love ONE person the most, but once you have children you discover how that is so not true. You may not fully understand this until you have children of your own.

A friend once told me the story of how she was in a car with her three brothers on their way to their mother’s memorial service. It was an emotional day, and a time for sharing secrets. My friend told her brothers, “I have always felt guilty because it was clear that Mom loved me the most. I was her only daughter.”

The oldest brother was quiet for a moment and then said, “I always thought she loved me the most. I was her first-born, the reliable one, and her favourite.”

The second brother said, “I always thought she loved me the most. I made her laugh and we always clowned around together.”

There was a pause before the youngest brother said, “And I thought she loved me the most. I was the baby, and we had so much time together when the 3 of you were in school. We were best buddies.”

I have often reflected on what a gift that woman left for each of her of her children in leading them to believe they were her favourite. They knew they were loved.

Well, girls, I want to tell you – while I am still alive and thriving – that I love YOU the most. I have a different relationship with each of you, and we share different things in common. I see a different part of me reflected in each of you.

Dani, you were my first-born and oh, how I wanted you! You brought more joy (and still do!) into my life than you will ever know.

Cara Lee, you bring such sparkle and ‘lightness’ to our family. In your quiet way you are the glue that holds us together.

Kyla, just like in the story of my friend, you were my ‘baby’ and during your preschool years, we were best buddies. We share so many passions and yet you are still very much your own person, a young woman I admire immensely.

I could go on at length about what I love  about  you, but please just know that I love each of you ‘the most’. I really do.


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  1. Cara Lee Hrdlitschka

    Wow! Touch my heart much mom!!!!! You mean the world to all of us! Thank you for such amazing words!!!! <3 Love you so much

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