loveThis is the title of an unpublished book I’ve written. It’s a short, tongue-in-cheek story of the perils of on-line dating. (I write from experience.) This is also my first stab at writing fiction for an adult audience.

I actually had fun writing It wasn’t work at all, the story practically wrote itself and I smiled through the whole process. Perhaps I felt it was my chance to gently poke fun at some of the experiences I had when I briefly ventured down that perilous road.

I haven’t begun the submission process with this one yet, (I’m unfamiliar with the publishers of this genre) but I have shared it with a number of friends. Here is the latest review I received from a writer friend whose feedback I always trust.

“I loved, loved, loved this book. It is fast-paced and funny, with great characters, and a compelling story. I was charmed by it! I think you must send it out into the world …you might check some publishers of romance novels. There is such an authenticity to this manuscript. I thought it was sensational!” (Deborah Hodge)

Maybe there is an audience for this little story after all. Fingers crossed….

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  1. Louisa Cameron

    For queries, you might also want to try publishers/agents who rep “non fiction” and “memoir.” From what I’ve read online, “category romance” (industry term for “romance”) seems to be a very specific genre (with a formula and all of that). Maybe give both a go?

    1. Shelley Hrdlitschka

      Thanks for these suggestions Louisa. is definitely fiction, though. I just used my experiences as a springboard. Interesting that a North Van. women recently sent $27,000.00 dollars to someone she was corresponding with on She’d never met him, and, of course, he disappeared when she sent the money. It is a strange dating world out there…

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