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Shared Wisdom: Part 1

I keep a pad of Post-It Flags beside me when I read in order to mark special quotes or informative passages. From there I choose the best of the best and copy those passages into a  journal of treasured quotes. Occasionally I’ll sit down with a favourite beverage and that journal and revisit all those hits of wisdom that had jumped out at me and I get to enjoy them all over again. Each time I do this I wish I could share them with friends, discuss their significance, and ponder how some writers can articulate so clearly those wisps of clarity that ramble around our brains but to which we’re unable to articulate.

So I’ve decided to use this platform to share some of them with hopes that others will experience that same ‘aha!’ moment that I did. I’ll  post three at a time, sometimes with a theme, sometimes not. So, in no particular order, here are my first 3 hits of wisdom.

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savour the world. That makes it hard to plan the day.” (E.B. White)

What do you know now in a deeper way than you knew it before? I love this question because it honours how we grow and learn. Wisdom isn’t about accumulating facts, it’s about understanding big truths in a deeper way.” (Melinda Gates from The Moment of Lift)

“The new good life is yours whenever you appreciate life, whenever you live with a sense of meaning and purpose that goes beyond the material veil, whenever your heart is filled with wonders, large and small. It’s yours when you see life anew, when your faith is restored, when you find the sacred in the midst of the mundane and the beauty of your spirit in the way that you live.” (John Robbins from The New Good Life)