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Book Gestation

dancing in the rain launchAn elephant carries her unborn baby for 2 years.

A donkey can carry their unborn young for 14 months.

Humans grow babies in nine months.

My latest story took 5 years from first tentative words on paper to actual book, so to  have it in my hands now… well, it is beyond satisfying. (And there are no late night feeds or dirty diapers to deal with either.)

I wasn’t writing for those full 5 years. In fact, I signed a contract for its publication 2 years ago, but it had to wait in line behind other books that came before it, and then it went through the editing and publishing process. There were many moments of numbing uncertainty, confidence failure and near bailing, but I believed in my characters, they are real people to me, and the relief that their story has been told is sweet beyond belief.

Huge gratitude to all those readers who wrote to me after reading Dancing Naked, asking to know what became of Kia, Brenna and Justin. We may never meet, but you planted the seed, and it grew into an entirely new story. Thank you, and please continue to give your favourite authors feedback. You have no idea how much it helps.

Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the RainYahoo! I have just signed a book contract for my latest project, another Y/A novel titled Dancing in the Rain. The title may change, but it was inspired from this quote by Vivian Greene. (This is not the cover of the book… that is yet to come.)

For years I’ve been asked by young readers to write a sequel to my earlier title, Dancing Naked, but, although I appreciated their interest, I never gave it much thought. I’d moved on to other projects.

Then, a few years ago, a young woman wrote to me to say she’d read Dancing Naked many times as a teenager, and even though she is an adult now, she’s still waiting for the sequel. She wants to know what became of Brenna, the baby who was born at the end of Dancing Naked, and her mother, Kia.

That set me to wondering what became of Brenna too. She’d be a teenager herself now. How was her life turning out? And Kia? Is she doing okay?

I decided to write the book to  find out and I’m absolutely delighted that Orca Book Publishers has agreed to publish it.

This will be book #10, a nice round number. Thank you to all those wonderful readers who encouraged me to write this book. It wouldn’t have happened without you.