Hibernation is over! Hurrah!

Coola and Grinder – the grizzly bear residents of Grouse Mountain – have just woken up from their 19th hibernation. This year they hibernated for 144 days. Don’t they look happy to be out in the spring air?

But they must wonder, where are all the people? Most years thousands of tourists  flock to this mountain resort to view them,  to feel their magnificent presence and to learn the importance of protecting this species. But this spring the resort is closed due to the coronavirus. Hopefully we’ll be able to go see them again soon. In the meantime, if you want to know more about these two bears and their journey to Grouse Mountain, you can read my book, The Grizzlies of Grouse Mountain (The True Adventures of Coola and Grinder,) co-written with Rae Schidlo and illustrated by Linda Sharp.

I’d be happy to mail you a copy. Order it here: shelley.hrdlitschka@gmail.com

(photos courtesy of Grouse Mountain Resort)

2 thoughts on “Hibernation is over! Hurrah!

  1. Kim

    They sure do look happy to be out! That first photo with the paw up, claws out, is he saying (like I’ve heard many are) that he’s overdue for a pedicure? Seriously, here’s a question – do their claws wear down with walking and are they extra long right now after hibernation, or is that how incredibly long their claws always are?

    A big fan of The Grizzlies of Grouse Mountain!

    1. Shelley Hrdlitschka Post author

      Good question about their claws, Kim. I don’t know for sure, but because their claws are used for digging as opposed to climbing trees, I suspect they stay long. They are incredibly amazing, that’s for sure!

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