Is it just me…

polar bears… or does it seem odd that there is a move to ‘adapt’ to global warming (planting drought resistant gardens and even artificial turf in lieu of grass) instead of an all-out effort to reverse the warming trend?

There is only so much an individual can do. Real change has to come from government policies and direction. There is an election coming up. Let’s vote wisely.

4 thoughts on “Is it just me…

  1. Andrea Stephenson

    It’s a great cartoon with a serious message. Yes, we should be doing all we can to stop global warming, but we’re too comfortable to give things up, so instead we ‘adapt’ in an effort not to have to change.

  2. brianmulligan2014

    Oil exports remain an economic driver. Corresponding Job loss & a 75 cent dollar will become media driven election topics. Alternatively, there is no longer talks of Canada’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol. Our government sited large financial penalties for not reaching unattainable goals as the reason for withdrawal. Perhaps a wise a decision, but is it just me or isn’t that like taking your bat and ball and going home. Artificial turf or grass, there is no game. I agree Shelly, find candidates that what to take up the fight and get back on the field.

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