Life imitating fiction

whiskey-jack-blogIn my book, Dancing in the Rain, the character of Brenna entertains the tourists on Grouse Mountain by hand feeding the whisky jacks, a bird commonly found on the mountain. I liked the idea, but had never actually done it myself. Yesterday I spotted a group of them in in the trees while snowshoeing on Mount Seymour . I put out my hand to see what would happen. Immediately a  bird landed on it, looking for food. Because she was so friendly I shared my Cliff bar with her. Nothing makes me happier than being up close to wildlife.

4 thoughts on “Life imitating fiction

  1. Brian Mulligan

    Canada’s National Bird

    FYI – here are the 5 finalist for Canada’s National Bird. In November 2016, the Whiskey Jack won. – good choice.

    Gray jay / Whiskey jack

    Common loon

    Snowy owl

    Canada goose

    Black-capped chickadee

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