Mom’s The Word 3: Nest 1/2 Empty

Moms the wordI’m so excited that I soon get to see these women perform in their new theatre production, Mom’s the Word 3: Nest 1/2 Empty. I’ve been following their careers since they staged the first version of Mom’s the Word, a collection of stories that poke fun at the joys and challenges of raising toddlers.  Their second show in this series – some years later – dealt with raising teens and it was just as wonderful. Now they’re on their third production where their children are leaving the nest (or not).  Their marriages may have evolved as well. Alison Kelly (second from right) and I swapped parenting stories on the side of the soccer pitch for many years so I know first hand where some of her material comes from.

What is truly remarkable about this troupe is that they write the material AND perform it and the shows have been huge international successes. They manage to find what’s funny and poignant about parenting and present it in a way that moves their audiences from tears to belly laughs in equal part. Their lives have not always been easy but they find ways to bring meaning to parenting by using theatre as a springboard for their stories. Because I am a 1/2 empty nester myself, I know I will once again relate to their material, and it will help me see the lighter side of being a parent.

I wonder what comes next… a show where they (we) become elderly grandparents? The kids, now middle-aged, choosing between care-homes or caring for their elderly parents themselves? Somehow these writers/actresses would find the humour in that, I’m sure.

UPDATE: Saw the show! An absolute delight.