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Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

I thought of this famous quote when I was a passenger in a car in India, our driver weaving through the mad jumble of rickshaws, pedicabs, cows, motorbikes (with entire families clinging to them), tuk tuks, herds of goats, bicycles, pedestrians and other vehicles. Our North American rules-of-the-road were not adhered to there. I was amazed that it all seemed to flow anyway, even though it looked and felt so chaotic. Each day I thought might be my last, especially  on the highways where truck drivers seemed to take such risks when passing other vehicles. I had to cover my eyes many times as  freight trucks barrelled down on us, switching to the other lane at the last second…

I’m thinking of this quote  again as I prepare for a cycling trip that will take us across Prince Edward Island. This will be a full week of doing something every day that scares me.  I signed on to the trip as I thought this would be a great way to see a part of Canada I’ve never visited. Apparently the route is mostly gravel pathways, and relatively flat. Trouble is, although I ride bikes occasionally, I am not a cyclist, and 60 kilometre days may be a stretch for me. I’m not a spring chicken. It seemed like such a good idea eight months ago.

I’m beginning to prepare  in earnest now, with less than a month before the trip begins. Doubts and fears are creeping in. Will I be the lone cyclist at the back of the pack each day? Will I need to find other transportation to get me to each day’s destination? Will the bicycle seat be comfy???

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

And we want to continuing growing, don’t we?

I think I’m up for the challenge, comfy bike seat or not.