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Bears (Disneynature)

Bears, DisneynatureThe movie, Bears, by Disneynature is breathtakingly beautiful. While the credits roll at the end the audience is given a glimpse into the inside work of the film-makers, how they captured those amazing close-up scenes of bears fighting, playing, fishing. They even showed the mother bear in her hibernation den nursing her newborn cubs! But it was just a tease. I would like to have been a seagull for a day (or a year) so I could really see how it was done. That would be a movie in itself.

What I especially like about  Bears is that it does not preach. The message of doom and gloom and how humans are destroying the planet is not there. It simply shows a year in the life of a female bear with her two cubs, and what they need to do to survive. The setting is the unspoiled (by humans) wilderness of the artic. The narration has many comical moments but also ties all the visual scenes together. The backdrop scenery is stunning. The viewer comes away with renewed respect for this magnificent creature, the bear. Hopefully, this alone will empower the  viewer, young and old, to take action to preserve the bear’s habitat.

Spectacular, educational and the two cubs are unbelievably cute. A must see for all wildlife lovers.