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Fahrenheit 11-10 – Classic Michael Moore

Using shock tactics, brilliant editing and disturbing material, Michael Moore once again sheds light on some very alarming events happening south of the Canadian border. Although a lot of it may not be ‘new news’ to the viewer, the events are spun in a way that makes them seem even more frightening than ever. The opening scenes – which give background info on the last American election, as well as the scenes portraying the hideous contaminated water situation  in Flint, Michigan  – will stick with me for some time. Emma Gonzalez’s powerful speech at the anti-gun rally was another poignant moment in the film. My only complaint would be that there were so many different stories that the movie lost focus, and the way it was edited – sensationalizing certain events – made me feel somewhat manipulated.

I do appreciate and respect Michael Moore’s work. He puts himself out there, shedding light on some ugly truths in a way that will be accessible to so many.

I wonder what future generations will make of such a film? Of such events?