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The End

The EndToday I typed The End.

I’ve been working on this novel for at least two years. Probably longer.
I should feel elated, but I feel strangely empty instead.
For one thing, I don’t really know if it is The End. I’ll have to reread the story (again!) to see if it has come full circle. Have I reached the place I was aiming for since page one? I don’t know. Is that because I’ve been with this story for so long that I’ve lost perspective? Perhaps.

Or perhaps I feel sad at the prospect of saying goodbye to these characters, who aren’t actually characters to me. They are real people. After all, I have been living with them for a couple of years now. It’s hard to leave old friends, people you’ve been with every day, wrestling with them, finding their flaws, discovering their strengths, observing their growth.

I recently heard a writer friend use the term Premature Submission. It refers to the temptation to send the manuscript to the publisher too soon, before it’s been put aside for a few weeks and then looked at with fresh eyes. This is an important step in the writing process. Problems with a story become much clearer when the writer has stepped away from it for a while. One can hope that the story will begin to age like fine wine, but more likely the writer will see the rough edges, the clutter, themes that are incomplete, connections that weren’t made.

This isn’t really The End at all. It is the beginning of a whole new stage in the writing process.

Writing Pain

grievingThe theme of my current novel-in-progress is grief. Each morning when I re-enter the world of my characters I have to delve back into their pain, and it’s really hard. I wish I was writing about joy. That would bring lightness to my life, but that’s not the story that’s calling to me right now. I know that the writing will get easier towards the end as my characters work through their grief, and, (hopefully) find meaning in it but here in the middle it’s agony, which is exactly what grief is.

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.” (Robert Frost)

I struggle on, and in doing so I learn, for in the end that is why I write.