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Write What You Know? Maybe not…

I’m often asked if I have a favourite author and the answer always changes depending on what books I’ve recently read. If asked today I’d say it was John Boyne. The three titles of his that I’ve read (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Heart’s Invisible Furies, My Brother’s Name is Jessica) are each completely different, yet so brilliant in their own way. He has a talent for creating humour out of desperately difficult circumstances but without making light of that situation. Continue reading

Never say never

writing QuicklyWell-meaning people often ask if I’d consider writing fiction for adults as opposed to writing for teens, as if writing for adults is somehow more respectable. Until now I’ve always said “probably not”. (Never say never.) I’ve always felt that my writing ‘voice’ is best suited to the teen genre, and my ideas for books have always featured teen protagonists. I also have great respect for Y/A literature and feel blessed that I’ve been able to contribute to this wonderful field.

Recently, something changed. Maybe it’s because my daughters are grown and I’m no longer immersed in teen culture but I was unexpectedly hit with a story idea that was clearly for adults, not teens. The idea is based on my own short but comical stint with on-line dating. (That experience had to come in useful for something.) I created a character, began to write and now the story is practically writing itself. No other novel has poured out of me the way this one is. Granted, it is a light story, hopefully funny, and the characters aren’t trying to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles as my teen characters always are. I may finish the book and decide that it is just silly trash, but in the meantime I am having lot of fun. Maybe this is the start of something new.